Girija Prasad Koirala Memorial College has been established in the name of the great hero of Democratic Republic Movement, the first head of the state and the then Prime Minister of the government after Nepal being declared Republic. The college has been running as a community college since it was granted an affiliation by the Tribhuvan University, Nepal in 2013/014 AD.

The main objective of the College is to establish itself as a non-profit making community educational institution in order to fulfill the national need of educated, competent, qualitative and competitive human resources by providing quality education to ordinary public at affordable fee and to provide them access in education, and enhance the quality of knowledge through research.

The Course of Actions

  •  Academic Programmes
  • Research
  • Skill Development  and Vocational Training
  • Cultural Exchange Program among the students
  • Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Dialogues, Lectures etc.
  • Field Visit, Exposer Visit
  • Internship, Job Placement


  • Expanding  Life Members
  • Strive to erect physical infrastructure (including building)  in its own ownership within this years
  • Providing either full or partial scholarship to all the enrolled students from the funds created by college itself.
  • The technical courses programmes under CTEVT will be extended
  • Skype teaching will be started through multi-media technology
  • Affiliations will be sought from different national and international renowned universities
  • Targeting to the welfare of the economically poor, disabled, differently able student’s scholarship funds will be set-up to provide them free education.
  • Endeavors will be made to transform this college into a G. P. Koirala Community University by cooperating with the other community colleges of the country.

Rules and Regulations
Students should fill a commitment form before taking admission.

  • They must accept the rules and regulations set by the college administration.
  • They must wear the college uniform.
  • They must respect their teachers and keep good friendship among themselves.
  • They are strongly discouraged to act against, and involve in any activities that defame the dignity of the college.
  • They must defend the property of the college.
  • They must appear each internal examination set by college.

Teaching Methods

  • Lecture and discussion method
  • Student centered method
  • Task-based learning and teaching
  • Home assignment
  • Monthly project works and presentation
  • Individual and psychological counseling
  • Multimedia technology / Skype teaching

The college has a well managed cafeteria, which offers a variety of hygienic food items at reasonable price.

The college has unique college uniform for the students. All the students are strictly advised to follow the proper uniform.

The college has good collection of all required books, reference materials, newspaper, magazines and the well-set computer lab with internet facilities.

We conduct regular internal assessment tests to find out the strength and weaknesses of the students for remedial teaching to enhance individual potentiality and creativity.